About Us

Our Mission

Provide a humane pathway to a better life for innocent animals in our care.

Our Goals:

  1. Be the leading low-income provider for spay/neuter services, vaccines, and preventive medications.
  2. Rescue abandoned animals and provide humane care for them through our foster program.
  3. Transport animals to our approved animal welfare partners.
  4. Provide pet food assistance to under-served individuals, and animal welfare organizations.

Our Values:

  1. Provide compassionate care to all animals as if they were our own.
  2. Respect the wishes of pet owners and work with them for positive outcomes for their animals.
  3. To be open and honest in our relationships with each other and those we serve.
  4. With a grateful heart we promise to be fiscally responsible with donations made to our organization.

What We Do

• Spay Arkansas was founded by Marcia Donley in 2007 and our clinic in Springdale, Arkansas opened its doors in 2011. Since that time, we have performed over 50,000 sterilization surgeries, thereby preventing the birth of tens of thousands of unwanted pets.
• Our independent licensed veterinarians and trained staff, with over 50 years of combined experience, perform approximately 60 operations a day, three days per week.
• Our monthly vaccine clinics provide an average of 165 vaccinations every 4 weeks and microchip an average of 25 animals per clinic.
• Our pet food sharing program dispenses approximately 1,500 pounds of donated pet food per month. This enables families to keep their animals at home rather than surrendering them to shelters when they can’t afford to feed them.
• By working with partner groups and individuals as a care provider for feral cat trap/neuter/return projects, we are assisting in reducing feral cat colony populations in NWA without resorting to euthanasia.
• We are a participating partner with the Animal Care Education of NWA organization whose mission is to educate students about the humane care of pets and the importance of spaying and neutering.
• Our dedicated volunteers log thousands of hours each year to help us reach our mission.
• Money donated to Spay Arkansas is used directly to provide services for animals in need and we receive no local, state or federal governmental funding.
• We are making a difference for the pets of NWA. In 2011 over 38% of animals entering area shelters were euthanized. Along with our efforts and those of other animal advocate organizations, by 2014 this number had dropped to 15% and is now around 11%. Our shelters continue to strive to be innovative in their efforts to increase live return to community numbers. 

Every day we strive to make our community a place where companion animals are given the care they deserve and work tirelessly toward our ultimate goal of no more homeless pets.

We rescued and saved over 700 animals in 2020. These animals came into our care, and we helped them find a wonderful home.