BCBI- Benton County Builder’s Initiative Program

BCBI- Benton County Builder’s Initiative Program


Funded by the Builder’s Initiative Foundation, this program is for residents of Benton County. The package includes spay or neuter, microchip and core vaccines. The package cost is $10.00 for cats and $15.00 for dogs.

Participants must provide current income verification for all household members. Acceptable forms of income verification include W-2 forms, income tax filings, benefit amount letters from social security or other agencies, or current payroll statements. You must also provide verification of residency in the form of a current utility bill showing service address in Benton County, a personal property tax assessment or a rental/lease agreement. A photo ID is also required.
Appointments are scheduled by phone. If you do not bring all requested proofs and cash payment for the appointment, you will be rescheduled.
Household gross income guidelines are shown below.

Maximum Family Income Limits

1 person $30,350
2 Persons $41,150
3 Persons $51,950
4 or More Persons $62,750


  • Benton County residents only
  • Income and residency verification required
  • Funded by Builder’s Initiative Foundation
  • Appointments required
  • Services provided at our Springdale Clinic
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Good to know

• Unless special arrangements have been made in advance, all animals must be dropped off during intake hours (7 AM to 7:30 AM) on the day of the surgery, and picked up later the same day before we close (between 1:00-4:00 PM).

• Please leave your pet in the car when you arrive and come in and fill out the paperwork.

• Cats must be in secure carriers labeled with your name and cat’s name on it.

• Dogs must be on leashes even if being held in your arms.

• All animals scheduled for surgery must be in good health. Please discuss any health concerns with us when scheduling your pet’s appointment. We do not provide surgical services for pets over 7 years of age.

• CASH is the only form of payment. We do not accept debit/credit cards or checks.

• Puppies and kittens can impregnate and become pregnant as early as 5 months of age, so do not delay in making an appointment!

• Dogs and cats are at higher risk of infection if spayed while lactating. They may require post-op antibiotics for an additional fee. If possible, it is best to keep puppies or kittens off the mother for 2 weeks before her spay surgery to avoid this risk.

• We can sometimes spay females as young as 8 weeks old if they weigh at least 2.5 lbs, but this is often only done when the animal is going into rescue or is being transported to another owner. Ideally you should wait until 4 months of age. The veterinarian will determine if the animal is large enough for the spay incision to be made. All decisions regarding the size and health of the animal are made by the veterinarian.

  • No food after 9PM the night before.
  • Animals with active flees will be given Capstar for a $5 fee.
  • Make sure you arrive on time.
  • If you arrive after 7:45 AM you will be rescheduled.