2018 In Review + 2019 A Look Ahead

2018 In Review + 2019 A Look Ahead

Dear friends of Spay Arkansas,

We are so deeply grateful for your support of our mission. A new study has shown that nonprofit spay & neuter clinics are good for pets, people and communities. We already knew that here at Spay Arkansas, but it is nice to have confirmation. Today we would like to share our year in review as well as some of our plans for 2019.



In 2018 we have altered over 5,000 pets, our most ever in a single year! Since opening our doors in 2011 our total exceeds 35,000. Wow, that is a lot of litters of puppies and kittens prevented. Thousands of animals have been vaccinated and microchipped as well.
We currently have 7 veterinarians assisting us in fulfilling our mission and providing services. This support from the local veterinary community is critical to our ongoing success.

In 2018 we initiated two new programs targeted to those most in need of our services.
Our Benton County program is funded by the Builder’s Initiative foundation. This provides a package of spay or neuter, microchip & core vaccines for an $8.00 copay. Our Veteran’s Fund is sponsored by an individual benefactor and provides the same pricing for the veteran as the Benton County program.

We believe that all families deserve the opportunity to know the unconditional love of a pet. Ozzy’s Pantry provides pet food, supplies including bedding, dog houses and straw.

“I’m super thankful to Spay Arkansas because they’re pretty much the reason I can have a pet.” -PH
“I love that I will be able to affordably fix my kitties to keep them with me for years to come” -JS
“The fact that they offer low cost spay/neuter along with other services like shots/wormer/flea and tick/heartworm is a major blessing to myself and many others who love and care for their pets but have income restrictions. -BS


By collaboration with individuals and rescue partners all over the country we are facilitating the medical care of hundreds of pets every year. Your donations help us offset the cost of the care each animal receives allowing us to save these abandoned pets. Over 400 animals saved and sent to new homes thanks to your generosity.





In 2019 we will be embarking on several MASH style clinic weekends in North Central Arkansas. Each trip will provide up to 300 surgeries in a rural region with very limited access to spay and neuter services. Our team will be joined by Kansas State University veterinary students, furthering their training and bringing up the next generation of low-cost spay & neuter providers.




By collaborating with regional organizations working with feral and community cat populations we hope to provide a more cohesive, targeted effort to providing trap-neuter-return services.






Merry was presented to Spay Arkansas as a stray dog heavily pregnant. As care providers we could see her time of delivery was very close. While at our clinic for her travel health exam, she delivered 2 puppies. Later that evening 2 additional puppies were born- unfortunately 3 of the puppies died. Spayed sooner, she would not have experienced this trauma. With your continued support we will continue to reach more pets before they experience what Merry did.



For our work to continue, we need your support. Your financial contributions directly assist animals and families in Northwest Arkansas. We appreciate the trust you have placed in Spay Arkansas with your contributions, your time and encouragement. Please donate online at spayarkansas.org or mail contributions to us at Spay Arkansas 1909 W Huntsville Ave, Springdale, AR 72762. Volunteer applications are also available on our website.

Thank you for being part of the Spay Arkansas mission of love. We wish you a holiday season filled with many blessings.

On Behalf of the board of directors and staff of Spay Arkansas, Romaine Kobilsek & Sally Baker Williams

Board of Directors: Sonya Webster, Alyssa Justet-Secretary, Amy Wilson, Nicole Michard, Taylor Blackwell-Vice President, Romaine Kobilsek- President

Sally Baker Williams-Executive Director